Our Story

In November of 2016 my truck broke down on the way to work.  I was at least 20+ miles away from home and there was no way of getting to a repair shop without being towed.  For a hefty fee, I had the tow truck take me to a trusted dealer service center.

I was charged $105.00 just to look at my truck.  I’m not an expert, but I know my way around a vehicle, especially my own, and felt I knew what the issue was.  After some discussion with the Service Manager, we agreed for $105.00 I would be given two quotes, one for what I thought was the issue and another for what he thought.

Sure enough I was given two inconclusive quotes, neither of which was definitive nor did not lead to additional costs on top of the correct quote, IF either was actually correct.

So I did the only thing I could do, being that I could not afford the cost or risk of further financial injury, I left.  I had no choice but to incur another fee to tow my vehicle home.

Now I wish I had a great ending to the story in which I posted my repair needs online, found several repair service providers, negotiated a great deal and had my truck fixed.  Truth is, I ended up taking a stab at repairing the issue myself and decided to let the truck go and opt for something newer with less foreseeable repairs and maintenance.  As much as I loved that truck, I had to let her go.

But there was inspiration that day I left the service station.  I realized there’s no way I would be able to afford the cost of towing, time away from work and quote fees that were just that, quotes.

I knew if I were able to engage multiple repair service providers simultaneously and have them engage each other.  I would gain true market value perspective of my repair needs, have the service providers ‘duke it out’ as to who could offer the best price while gaining insight into their background.  In addition, I would get bids from a range of repair service experience, from independent to corporate, from family owned to proprietorship’s, from hobbyist to enthusiast, from independent handymen to skilled professionals, from ‘do it yourselfers‘ to major trusted names in repair, everyone.

The opportunities alone to make a buck on the side for those that are skilled / experienced would be vast.  I don’t know of anyone who’s good at what they do for a living, who wouldn’t be willing to do it outside of their employers walls for an extra buck.

But the employers and businesses in the same would benefit.  Provides would have an new platform to find and engage customers.  Fish in a barrel as they say.

I thought of the job opportunities fixforbid could create for service providers as well.  Each of these differing size providers could benefit in having a resource where they can search for work based on their preferences, skill set, location and more.

And here we are now.  Live for the world to use.  fixforbid doesn’t have employees who’s pay is dipped into so we can send them to do odd ill represented jobs.  We don’t provide you a list of accredited companies whom you still have to incur the cost of contacting one by one.  We don’t charge you a fee for a glorified set of digital yellow pages whom may have received their positive feedback from consumers in differing respective economic brackets.  fixforbid is for us, all of us.  The more we engage each other and our skill sets, the more we develop those skill sets.  Including our skills as engaged, informed consumers and with every day repair needs of all kinds.


Thank you for being with us!